Happy Halloween!
November 1, 2021
No new page today, but a VERY slightly belated Happy Halloween to all the kiddos who made up their own weird costumes... and to all the webcomic creators who go about creature-design the exact same way.

You know what DOES continue today, though? That's right, the SpiderForest Comic of the Week Spotlight! This week, we bring you...

Week of November 01-07: It's the Journey

...not the destination. So much can be learned along a journey, and these comics are no exception.

Root and Branch
Root and Branch is an epic fantasy adventure comic, with beautiful watercolor pages and unexpected story-telling. Updates Monday & Wednesday Suitable for teens+, violence and mild nudity.
[Root and Branch Webtoon Mirror]

Soul's Journey
Soul's Journey - A cursed pendant turns a runaway prince into a wolf. Can he find a way back to his human form to stop the brewing war on the horizon before it's too late?
[Soul's Journey Webtoon Mirror]

Chapter 8 Page 7
October 25, 2021
About two years ago, Brand did say she wouldn't tell about this one. Though whether or not that's what she's referring to is kind of its own thing.

Webcomic Time, everybody.

In other news, this week SpiderForest Comic of the Week cross-promotion continues with...

Week of October 25-31: From the Shadows

Do you like the darkness? With dark prophecies, necromancy, and cultural clashes, these comics thrive in the dark!

Jack Beloved
Jack Beloved is a slow burn enemies-to-lovers queer frontier fantasy romance where a sweet pea soldier falls head over heels for a dangerous demon guy in the midst of a dang ol’ war.
[Jack Beloved Webtoon Mirror]

Magefront is about Amarantha, a necromancer with big dreams of becoming a famous battlemage.