Chapter 7 Page 28
March 22, 2021
Lahan tries to get to the point.

This week is the final round of SpiderForest's Comic of the Week promotion, so let's end things off with a bit of magic!

Cast Off
Cast Off - Vector always dreamed of traveling- he got kidnapped instead. Now, with the help of some new and unlikely friends, he has to try and make it home in one piece.

Need an adventurous romp full of friendship and danger? Have a soft spot in your heart for cranky magicians? Want to know what the "shame cube" is? There's a lot to like here. ("Cast Off" also gets bonus points for having a protagonist with strange eyes who seems to scare a lot of people just by existing.)

[Cast Off Webtoon Mirror]

Terrafold - A fantasy comic about a world collapsing into the oceans and a quest to build a library gone wrong.

Ever wonder what it would be like to travel through the earth? There are so many cool ideas in here, beautifully visualized. I especially love the color palettes, which really bring it all together.

[Terrafold Webtoon Mirror]