Chapter 7 Page 27
March 15, 2021
Just three guys on very official-looking business. Accompanying Lahan we have Valaan, who thinks he's in love with Seefa and looks REALLY different with a hat (and clothes) on, and Aarend, who's maybe still miffed about the whole bathhouse incident.

Seefa's greeting to them is a standard welcome and offer of hospitality for guests.

Moving right along, this week's SpiderForest Comic of the Week spotlight is all about the future. Whether that future holds caring robot nannies (and other occupations) or the promise of a technology long since lost to the planet, this week’s comics explore the hopeful possibilities and grim consequences of progress

Now Recharging
Now Recharging - A story about living in an ordinary world... but as a sentient/sapient robot! Emmie is a sheep-loving android who is bad at math and worried about nonexistence. Designed to learn naturally with no apparent end application, they navigate the ups, downs and questions of life like the adventure it truly is!

"Now Recharging" is an incredible comic. It's beautifully crafted all around, and has a really poignant, heartachey quality to it. You'll probably laugh, you'll probably cry, and you'll probably want your own adorable sheep backpack. Please join Emmie on their beautiful journey.

O Sarilho
O Sarilho - An ancient satellite, thought to be in orbit for over 500 years, crashes into enemy territory. The Kirchhoff brothers are sent on a mission to recover its remains, but they end up finding something else entirely… And the locals have an eye on it too.

If you're more in the mood for a future that kicks you in the face with alien gods(?!?), digital augury(!!!), reanimated corpses, regular corpses, and the Roman empire as you've absolutely never seen it before, this is your stop. Get off the train. Then get on this train. You won't regret it.