Chapter 7 Page 21
February 1, 2021
Keep up, Haelu.

This week we're kicking off the annual SpiderForest Comic of the Week cross-promotion, so that means each update for the next few weeks is going to include links to some of our other very awesome creators. Read on for this week's showcased group!

Adventure Awaits

Whether making music through a murder mystery, trying to fit into a different culture, or hopping worlds, these comics share a love of adventure. Do you? Check these titles out to scratch that adventurous itch!

Court of Roses
Court of Roses - A fantasy LGBTQ-friendly fantasy tale following a ragtag troupe of bards formed by their mutual friend, a charismatic–if often drunk–bagpiper, Merlow the Rose, and who knows, mayhaps they’ll solve a murder mystery together! Updates Mondays and Thursdays!

No lie, I've been reading this one since pretty close to when it first started, and it's a really delightful journey. Do you like bards? Do you like tales of comraderie with a mysterious undercurrent? This might very well be your jam. Check it out.

[Court of Roses Webtoon Mirror]

Sombulus - Sombulus is about a flippant magic scavenger and two friends he accidentally took along for the ride: a cute tinkerer with the curious ability to talk to machines and a zealous paladin on a quest to defeat him. Follow their surreal magic adventures in worlds of flying toasters and exploding castles!

This comic has a super deep, super chewy archive. I've been reading it for several years at this point, and it's just so much fun. Kick back with some snacks and/or some hot chocolate and give it a spin.

[Sombulus Webtoon Mirror]

Of Conquests and Consequences
Of Conquests and Consequences - A coming of age comic with a healthy dose of culture shock mixed in.

This one's been on my list for ages, so I'm gonna take this opportunity to give it a look! :D