Chapter 6 Page 22
January 6, 2020
Welcome back, all. Hope 2020 is off to a decent start for everyone. I wasn't sure if Arbalest was going to be back today, but hey... I made it!

And now we get to see Seefa's calm crack open a bit. Sometimes bright ideas don't seem so bright when you take a moment to consider them.

SpiderForest is also kicking off our annual Comic of the Week cross-promotion, which is really one of my favorite things to do with the collective. This week we're showcasing a couple of our anthro selections. The summaries below are written by the creators of the comics, and I think they do an excellent job illustrating the respective tones of these stories! So this week, please check out:

The Cyantian Chronicles - Darius Akaelae has to make a decision, run as a lone wolf or with his pack. Some lessons are best learned on your own and this is one that will be leave an imprint on a young cub's soul.

Realm of Owls – Here is a link. It can be clicked. It goes to a site. The site has documentaries about owls. Written by owls. And contain many owls. They also contain interesting things, such as socioeconomics and literal hootery.

Anyway, click the link.