Chapter 6 Page 14
September 30, 2019
Seefa's brother gets a name.

Special note: Arbalest is getting a new site this week! Keep an eye out on Twitter for related announcements... or just keep refreshing this page during the week to see if anything changes. Either way. I don't make the rules.

This week we're continuing to welcome our new SpiderForest members, so here are a few more to swing by and say hi to! This week's batch is a bit darker in nature, but if you're over here reading Arbalest you'll probably be just fine.

An ancient satellite crashes into enemy territory. A team is dispatched to recover it, but they end up finding something else. The world-building on this one is really cool, and I'm pretty excited to get caught up on it.

What would you do, if your senses start blending between what’s real and fantasy? This is a great moody surreal horror story, and I think if you like Arbalest you'll really enjoy it.

Teenagers with supernatural powers team up with woodland critters to defeat monsters. Absolutely beautiful traditional pencil work on display here, along with wonderfully emotive characters.

A story about mental health, abuse of the vulnerable, and addiction. It's an emotionally tough read (note the content warnings on the site), but very compelling and easy to get totally absorbed in.