Chapter 6 Page 13
September 23, 2019
We all know it. That the ground beneath the snow is full of hearts.

Just a few days ago, SpiderForest announced our newest roster of members! Over the next few weeks we'll be rolling out that proverbial red carpet, so this week won't you say hello to a few of these magnificent folks?

A story about witchcraft, ghosts, responsibilities and the gay experience. If you're craving the supernatural, this is a vibrant offering with intriguing characters and gorgeously realized environments.

Slice-of-life adventures from a Fantasy world. The visual approach here is unlike anything I've ever seen before, and it's definitely a treat.

A fantasy tale following a ragtag troupe of bards out to solve a murder mystery! This one is great fun, and I love the character interactions. <3

A child foretold to be a fearsome god killer embarks on a desperate quest to change fate. This one hits all the right emotional notes for me, and contains just the right balance of darkness and hope.