Chapter 5 Page 28
February 25, 2019
Teeth and isolation. Kind of a simple page, but I mostly like how it came out. Welcome again to the end of my buffer, by the way. Oops.

We're moving right along here with our SpiderForest Comic of the Week cross-promotion, so here's a few more folks to check out:

What it Takes - a post-apocalyptic action/adventure that follows Colbey O'Conner as she searches for her fiance in a harsh and violent wasteland. Her biggest clue to his location is the enigmatic A City in a Place. Can she make it there before King Arthur, who wants the City's resources for his own? Rated R for violence and profanity. (Personal note: I've been following this one since it launched, and it does a great job telling a longform story in strip format. The story is getting towards the end, and it's been a great journey. If you like post-apocalypse, this might be your jam.)

The Devil's Own - Dominic is second generation Devil's Own, a cadre of dhampir soldiers whose sole duty is to protect their vampire Lord, Damien, from threats within and without. When visitors arrive from the United Territories his world gets turned on its ear. Rated Mature for violence and language. (Personal note: Darwin is a great and prolific creator, with multiple novels and comics under her belt. I've been reading The Only Half Saga for years, and it's always fun to see what new story arc is around the corner.)

6-Commando - Mike-One-Echo is a giant robotic tank designed to win an atomic war, but he wasn't supposed to start one. Programmed with the highest ideals of mankind and the weaponry to end civilization, he is now on a mission to execute one last program: to save as many people as he can - no matter whose side they're on - from the ravages of the war he started, and from themselves.