Chapter 4 Page 32
May 1, 2018
Oh good, there's only one of you left. That's... nice.

One thing that kills me about this entire scene is that I haven't been able to show the full ritual markings on the floor. There's a lot hidden by the fur and Haelu's body, but I'll at least get to draw the whole thing in chapter 5.

As a quick announcement regarding pages this month, there are only going to be 3 instead of the usual 5. This will allow me to finish off the chapter and pause there, then spend the rest of the month planning and generating new content. After that, I'll most likely be returning to the one page per week schedule starting in June. I've really loved dropping several pages at the beginning of each month, but I gotta be honest... it's a rough schedule for me. Since I don't work on Arbalest full time, I need to go with an art schedule that's sustainable over long periods of time. Who knew, right?