SpiderForest Comic of the Week: Week 8
February 26, 2018
February just really flew by, didn't it? I mean, I know it's a short month, but wow. o_O (My brother and I also had birthdays come and go this month, so cheers to both of us for continuing to more or less exist on the material plane. We did it, bro.)

The next set of Arbalest pages will start posting on THURSDAY this week. Things are going to get a little intense and violent towards the end of this batch, so do please keep the rating of the comic in mind. I'll be including content warnings on social media as well as the news posts here, but I'm also well aware that these news posts appear beneath my comic pages.

Until then, we've still got some fellow comic-creators to plug, so please drop by and say hello to:

Michael by D. Randall- What would it be like to be a gemue in an all human high school? Michael is about to find out as his sharkmue genetics begin to show. Some want to put him on a pedestal others want to run him out of school - Michael just wants to survive the ninth grade.

Realm of Owls by Gheralf and Vayandil - Please, have a seat. Wait! Stand up first. Now, sit down. Stand up again. Why are you standing? Sit down. Now, let us tell you of a city run by owls...

The Cyantian Chronicles by Tiffany Ross - The Cyantian Chronicles is a collection of ongoing comics centered around anthropomorphic creatures from another world and their adventures in finding out who they really are, other than a genetically engineered slave race whose roots lie on the planet Earth.

SpiderForest Comic of the Week: Week 7
February 19, 2018
Happy Monday, everyone! Just over a week remains until the new batch of Arbalest pages is ready to come out of the oven (hey, don't question my creative process), but please stop on over and say hi to:

Spare Keys for Strange Doors by Lucy Lyall - Two experts in the supernatural help ordinary people with their extraordinary problems. Please note: results are guaranteed, but satisfaction is not.

XII: Of Magic and Muses by Kristen Kiomall-Evans - Willow lives in a mundane and restricted school, which ends up being the worst place someone could get gifted a magical necklace. Desperately trying to contain the magic within, this act of futility seems to just make matters worse. As the necklace crumbles the school's secrets around her, Willow is left to wonder if it was a gift sent by friend or foe?

Damsels Don't Wear Glasses by Jessica "Alice" Bown- In Persephone, an impossible city of myth, magic and mystery, Lave Faraday is chosen to look after a boy from another world. Now she must fight off the less than savory denizens who seek to take him for their own purposes.

SpiderForest Comic of the Week: Week 6
February 12, 2018
Hey, all! Our SpiderForest Comic of the Week Spotlight continues with a couple of excellent fantasy offerings, so please check out:

Soul’s Journey by Sophie Pf- Trapped in a wolf's body a prince has to find a way to stop a war.

Children of Eldair by Jemma Young - A sorcerer saves a girl from flesh-eating demons. After trying to use magic to find her friends, he’s trapped in a vision of the past--one that will help him save the world and the girl he loves.

Chapter 4 Page 21
February 5, 2018
It is... insanely hard to believe that I just posted this whole sequence. I mean, shit. I worked on it for like a whole month and now it's just... out there. Thanks for joining me this month, and make sure to swing back around on March 1 for the next round!

Today also kicks off Week 5 of the SpiderForest Comic of the Week spotlight, so here are a few more excellent creators to say hi to this week:

Leylines by Robin Childs - When an irresponsible prince, his dream-weaving sister, and their adopted brother are given a mission by a voiceless goddess of dreams, they will be forced to choose between their future and their family.

The Ferrin by Alyssa Laraine Steele - All Elanor wanted to do was finish her Thesis project. Looks like she's going to have a lot more to write about than just the Ferrin's social behavior if she ever gets to finish it.

Sunset Grill by Kat Feete - Gangsters. Soldiers. Public defenders. Ordinary people struggling to survive in an extraordinary future. They all have one thing in common: they all drink beer.