Chapter 4 Page 10
November 20, 2017
Yeah... I missed her, too.

Heads-up: Arbalest will be going on break for the month of December, so next Monday will be the last update of 2017! If I receive guest art I'll post it in the interim... I don't want anybody getting TOO bored.

In addition, I'll be starting a brand-new update schedule for the new year: 5 pages posted one per day for the first five days of each month. It might be a little bit of a weird change, since the first of the month won't always be a Monday, but the nice thing about being independent is that if this particular model doesn't work out, it's not real difficult to alter. In any case, the point is to give my readers a bunch of pages in a row instead of presenting you all with an agonizing wait from week to week.

So... yeah! See you all next Monday.