Chapter 2 Page 15
October 17, 2016

Haelu is pretty sure that Brand isn't even trying to get her name right at this point.

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SpiderForest Comic of the Week spotlight is now shining on:

"What it Takes" by KEZ.

Synopsis: "In 2004, the world ended. Technology failed, disease reigned, and humanity fell--all except for a City in a Place. There, in a hidden civilization of scientists, doctors, and engineers, life as we know it continued...and everyone else wants what they have. The City will stand or fall based on the choices of a wandering survivor as she uncovers a history with the City she never knew she had. Join Colbey as she searches for her lost fiance and finds more than she ever bargained for. Rated R for violence and profanity."

This has got to be one of my favorite post-apoc webcomics out there. Epic survival journey told in strip format, well worth the time it takes to do a full archive dive. Check it out!