Chapter 2 Page 14
October 10, 2016
Everyone's nervous, but at least one person here isn't an asshole.

New TWC incentive: Full inks for next week's page. Want a preview? Check it out!

And now, on to SpiderForest Comic of the Week. Up next, we've got a couple of excellent fantasy offerings, starting with:

"Ley Lines"
by Robin Childs.

Synopsis: "A nation of conquered peoples and gods is on the brink of civil war. As their world crumbles around them, the children of the current ruler are given a quest by the goddess of dreams that may birth a better future, but cause their own family's destruction."

This one's got some really excellent character writing and worldbuilding. Robin's also been posting an autobiographical mini-comic AND running a Kickstarter for "Ley Lines" volume 4.

Then we have the formidable

by Monica Galvan.

Synopsis: "When Syrma discovers that she is the victim of a curse that will end her life, she intends to change her fate. For her there is only one possible solution: defeat the goddess who sentenced her along with all her family. And time is running out. But she won’t be alone. Along with the dragon Menkar, her bodyguard, an also cursed sidhe witch and a banished treacherous god, she will seek the way to survive and change her fate."

Monica's inks are absolutely gorgeous, and you can read her comic in both English and Spanish. Take a look!