Chapter 2 Page 16
October 24, 2016

This guy seems pretty okay, but there appears to be a disconcerting pattern surrounding the rooms that Haelu gets invited into...

TWC vote incentive: A few inked panels from next week's page.

Now, let's see who's next up on SpiderForest's Comic of the Week! First, we've got

"Spare Keys for Strange Doors" by Lucy Lyall!

Synopsis: "Visit your local Specialists for help with your uncanny, supernatural and subnatural problems. Some experience of the natural, but discussion of your exact needs is advisable. Not available for speculative seances."

I first got into Lucy's work when she was doing "Kaspall" (now completed). "Spare Keys" is definitely its own animal, with full color artwork and a vignette-type format that I quite like. If you'd like to read a continuing series of short stories surrounding a pair of supernatural investigators, this is your jam.

Also up, we've got

"Heracles Knot" by Sid Hargrave.

Synopsis: "The perils of adopting 20-somethings and throwing them at monsters."

This one goes to some darker places than "Spare Keys," including the spread of a particularly nasty disease and troubling family histories. And, you know, you've got a group of young adults doing magic and tracking down grindylows, which is pretty sweet. Give it a look!