Chapter 2 Page 20
November 28, 2016
And now... for something completely different. I tried to do like a frosty vignette kind of thing on the panel corners, but I didn't love it so it doesn't really persist through the rest of this sequence. Ah well. Tried something new.

This will be the last page before my December break. I'll be using the month to visit family and rebuild my buffer, which I've pretty much beaten into the ground with this month's move and emergency car shopping. Check back on Mondays, though, because some awesome folks have done some fanart that I'm going to be posting! :D

Plus, there's still going to be SpiderForest Comic of the Week! This week, please check out

"The Sundown Boys" by Emma Pillette!

Synopsis: "A distraught space heiress seeks out the only people in the galaxy she can trust, and she's about to ask them for one hell of a favor."

I've been reading this one since before it was a space opera. Emma has done some major revamping to the story and setting of her comic, and this most recent incarnation is at a perfect spot to jump in and catch up on the archive.

Also up, we have

"Sunset Grill" by Kat Feete.

Synopsis: "Gangsters. Soldiers. Public defenders. Ordinary people struggling to survive in an extraordinary future. They all have one thing in common: they all drink beer."

Oh man, this comic. Kat writes fantastic characters, and her world has deep roots. The archive is hefty and worth diving through, but thorough character profiles are available if you'd rather start at the beginning of a certain story arc. Go take a look!